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Headline prediction act
The Wolf of Dalal Street
Teaser: The Show SE7EN
Reading Juhi Chawla's Mind
On Stage with Angel Broking
Walking on Glass with Abhay Deol
Show Feedback from Adani Group
Whose Mind would You read?
HONDA: Customer Testimonial
ULTRATECH: Customer Testimonial
ASIAN PAINTS: Customer Testimonial
Show Teaser 2
Driving blindfolded, 'revenge'!
Reading a Woman' Mind
Rocking the Rajasthan Royals
Predicting #WhatWomenWant
On Stage - Reading Minds
Mass Hypnosis
Kids Freeze Water! #WhoseMindNext
Visualisation @ Work
Audience reactions
Russian Roulette
Zensar - Standing Ovation
Subliminal Motivation Tune
Couples Telepathy #WhoseMindNext
Mind Reading Device
Bend spoons with your mind
Walking barefeet on Glass
Walk barefeet on Broken Glass