“I was very fond of Badminton. But the scenario in the 90’s was not as it is today. Plus I come from a very education oriented family, in fact my father is a rocket scientist. So gave up the sport to pursue my education. If I could, would have definitely represented India in Badminton. Even today, I play Badminton for an hour every morning.

To use your Mind to the full potential: Take a step back and think about when you are doing. I dont believe in knee-jerk reactions. It is no point being aggressive or confrontational. Take a step back, think about the situation, ask for opinions and then do what is best

Managing some of the best brands in India and overseas markets; my experience spans over 15 years. Today, I take care of Marketing at INDIABULLS for one of their businesses.

Pradeep Singh believes in working quietly everyday to reach his full potential. We salute his determination of of his amazing Mind.

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